Chromatic Dragon, Dragon Core

Hobgoblins, orcs, cultists, and the undead. Fighting such creatures is part and parcel of the life of an adventurer. Whilst they can pose a challenge at times, it's nothing a bit of guile, cunning, and a splash of brute force can't remedy. Sooner or later, however, you're bound to come across a foe on an entirely different level; a Dragon.

Smarter, faster, and stronger than almost everyone that hunts them, with the huge risk of getting incinerated comes the, equally huge, reward that slaying one brings. If you are going to go hunting, you'll want to make sure you are fully equipped for the challenge that lay ahead!

Cast in the fires of Mount do... Steady on Elrond, this isn't middle earth! The metal dice you see below have in fact been cast, not in the fiery chasm of an active volcano, but in solid zinc and plated in a variety of quite delicious finishes!

Similar in size to regular dice but coming in at over 5x the weight, these delightfully weighty polyhedral's makes even rolling that natural 1 not that much of a hardship with 20's making you feel like the demi-god you are (or at least slowly becoming!).

So have a look around, find what you fancy, and gear up for adventure with DnDice.