• Mystery Metal Poly Set

Mystery Metal Poly Set

Cast in the fires of Mount Doo... Steady on Elrond! The metal dice contained within have in fact been cast, not in the fiery chasm of an active volcano, but in solid zinc and plated in a variety of quite delicious finishes. 

Unlike our regular sets, you'll be rolling the dice in which set you get. It could be any of our current sets or ones we've prototyped and won't be getting again! You're at least guaranteed a full matching poly set of 7 dice along with the DnDice promise that you'll role that natural 1 right when you really didn't need it!

Each and every set of metal dice from DnDice come complete with a black metal carry tin, which is lined with a dense foam, each die getting its own slot inside to fit perfectly snug and secure when not in use.

Along with this, we'll throw in free delivery to anywhere in the UK and ordering before 13:00 (GMT) will mean we can post it the same day.

Just so we're clear, you'll be getting a random metal poly set (all matching dice) from the range we do here at DnDice along with a chance to get something we don't yet have for sale.

  • £14.95