Purple Planar Dragon

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Planar dragons are a sub-type dragon, 
who, as a result of living on other planes such as the Shadowfell, the Elemental Planes and the Feywild, who has been changed dramatically by them resulting in brilliant colours, outer worldly abilities and the power to TPK a high level party if the DM so wishes!

Unlike regular dice, this metal set is die cast in zinc and electroplated in a Purple Chrome finish with its numbers set in a sea of purple, blue and glittery resin. 

This set comes with an extra D20 included for an 8pcs poly set (2xD20s, 1xD12, 1xD%, 1xD10, 1xD8, 1xD6, 1xD4).

This set comes from The Forge, which we use to find out what sells well and let us try out some new things without having to order thousands of sets. As such, there is a chance that this is your only chance to get a set of these.

Each and every set of metal dice from DnDice come complete with a black metal carry tin, which is lined with a dense foam, each die getting its own slot inside to fit perfectly snug and secure when not in use.

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  • £34.95