• Treasure Trove of Plenty - Back to Adventure Edition

Treasure Trove of Plenty - Back to Adventure Edition

Our Back to Adventure edition of our brand new Treasure Trove of Plenty is here and ready to equip you and your friends/family ready for adventure. Let's get back to it, that Tarrasque won't slay its self! 

We've done a bit of questing and teamed up with some fantastic content creators to bring this goody bag of plenty to you, which includes the following:

  • An Acrylic Dice Booster which grants you a full RPG Dice set, chosen at random from our Acrylic Alchemy range.
  • A square/rectangle Folding Dice Tray in a random colour.
  • character sheet booklets, created by the talented Penflower Ink.
  • A premium map printed on board marker erasable PVC, created by the talented Dark Realm Maps.
  • A set of 2.5D paper miniatures including player character models and monsters, created by the talented Paper Golems.
  • A pre-stamped postcard with artwork from the talented Chao Illustrations, so you can write to your DM and tell them how much you miss 'em (for overseas orders, we'll add in some extra sweets instead of a stamp).
  • A pack of 15 potion cards, from our Acrylic Alchemy range, to keep the party drinking!
  • A pack of 5 item cards designed to help arm yourself up for battle!
  • ... And finally, a bunch of retro sweets to keep hunger at bay :D!

Still not enough for you? Then step right this way! For just £10 you can upgrade your Dice Booster to a Metal Dice Booster, containing some delightfully weighty chonkers. 

Not seen your players or DM in a while? Then for £10, we'll add in a £12 gift card you can attach to your postcard and mail off to whoever you think needs it the most! 

  • £19.95
  • £34.95