COVID-19 Update

Yes, we're still open. 


So you'll have gotten a lot of emails and messages recently from companies tell you what's changing and how they're combating the virus. I'd give you the same story on how we're using new hygienic packaging methods, paying all our staff extra pay to stay at home if they're ill and that we've stepped up our self isolation policy. The truth of the matter is that DnDice is run and owned by a single person (that's me, Grady) and his trusty sidekick Porridge (the dog). 

What are we doing differently?
I'll be wearing disposable gloves that I put on as soon as we get into the storage unit and take them off when I leave. All parcels for the day are put into large hessian sacks and dropped off at the local Post Office depot which is a 30 second walk away and handed over.

What about things "Made In China", are they not infected?
By the time anything arrives from China, is inspected, checked for quality and then packaged by yours truly, it's been at least 7 days since its been in China which mean's that any virus left on the packaging is long dead and gone by now.

What happens if you get the virus?
If I come down with symptoms of COVID-19, all work will be immediately suspended and customers informed.