COVID-19 Update

So you'll have gotten a lot of emails and messages recently from companies telling you what's changing and how they're combating the virus. I'd give you the same story on how we're here for you as a company, paying all of our staff to stay at home and that we've stepped up our self-isolation policy.

The truth of the matter is that DnDice is run and owned by a single person (that's me, Grady) and his trusty sidekick Porridge (the dog).

We can't afford to stay off work or stay at home or to get sick. DnDice is our full time job and it's fair to say there has been a massive shift in how the economics of running a small business work in these times. What I can say is that without your continued support, DnDice, myself and porridge would be in a much worse place that we are. We understand everyone is going through the same thing and we're very thankful for each and every order that gets placed, now more than ever.

What are we doing differently?
I'll be wearing disposable gloves that I put on as soon as we get into the storage unit and take them off when I leave. All parcels for the day are put into a large hessian sack and dropped off at the local Post Office depot which is a 60 second walk away and handed over.

Are things going to take longer to arrive?
Yup. Royal Mail have said as much and we have a reduced window in which to get your supplies posted now 

What about things "Made In China", are they not infected?
By the time anything arrives from China, is inspected, checked for quality and then packaged by yours truly, it's been at least 7 days since its been in China which mean's that any virus left on the packaging is long dead and gone by now.

What happens if you get the virus?
If I come down with symptoms of COVID-19, all work will be immediately suspended and customers informed along with mum who has kindly offered to make sure any outstanding orders get posted out.

Should I place down a diamond worth 500gp for the raise dead spell, very conveniently, for my players to find after the Dragon they fought killed almost everyone?
Absolutely not. The Bard knew exactly what the outcome would be when he substituted a dragons egg for a chickens one in an effort to 'find that magic' in the local towns bake off competition.