Guild of Dragons

Guild of Dragons Sponsorship Program

Meet the Dragons in our Guild of Dragons sponsorship program. These delightful guys, girls and communities spend their time podcasting, streaming and entertaining us folks. For their help spreading the word of DnDice, they get a kickback on each sale, discounts for their listeners and a few other benefits. 

Discord of Many Things

The Discord of Many Things
If you like D&D 5e, check out the Discord of Many Things, a community dedicated to making and sharing resources to enhance your game! Get help planning campaigns and sessions, swap tips and stories, and discover new ways of running your games.

You can also visit their linked Reddit /r/UnearthedArcana for a huge catalogue of 5e homebrew content!

Discord   Unearthed Arcana Subreddit

Modified Roll

Modified Roll, an actual play 5e D&D podcast
We're Modified Roll, an old school D&D experience played with a home-brewed campaign in an open world. This allows players to create their own story and cause as much stress for the DM as possible. So, come and join our table, listen to our story and have a laugh!

You can find us anywhere you normally get your podcasts, and if you can’t find us there then let us know! We’ll be there soon!

Discord   Twitter   Itunes Modified Roll

The Mortal Path

The Mortal Path, an Actual Play TTRPG Podcast
Our main campaign The Mortal Path is played in 5th edition D&D, and follows the story of three very unlikely “heroes” through a home-brewed world where magic is getting weirder by the day. Updates every fortnight on Wednesday.

We also play other systems, such as Dungeon World, The Junkyard, The Quiet Year, and more

.Twitter   Itunes Modified Roll   Discord      The Mortal Path Podbean   The Mortal Path Facebook


If you run a podcast, stream or an adventure league group and are looking for a sponsor, joining the DnDice Guild of Dragons might well be just the ticket with benefits such as affiliate links, access to trade prices across the DnDice range and the chance to get some free gear every month.

To find out more, along with what's in it for you, sign up here!