COVID-19 Update, Yup we're still open!

Firstly, go wash your hands! Now we've got that out of the way, unless you've been living under a rock for the last 3 months you'll know about COVID-19 and what effect it's having around the globe. As it turns out, stockists of adventuring supplies are not immune to those effects!

With that said, DnDice is still open and committed to getting what you need so you can carry on with your adventures but there are postal slow downs to content with, so just note it may take a little longer to get your gear to you.

What folks have to say

  • "I've been playing D&D for a couple of years now so I've used dice from a few different sellers. I have to say that DnDice is, hands down, the highest quality set I've ever played with!"
    - Brushed Copper Metallic Dragon
  • "These dice are beautiful, with very vibrant colours, sharp and precise edges, and a satisfying weight to them."
    - Legendary Elder Dragon
  • "Love the yellow, the felt is nice, the studs are good, the whole thing feels good quality. Dulls the sound of my metal dice which is good - those things could dent the woodwork otherwise."
    - Folding DnDice Tray
  • "The owner of DnDice is handsome, charismatic and all around awesome"
    - ... that was me ... sorry....
  • "Love the Chromatic Dragon dice sets I got from DnDice, and the fact that you can get free delivery within the UK! Finally we can get good quality metal dice in a variety of colors without having to pay that nasty import tax! And the service is excellent. Keep on inking those beauties!"
    - Sil