Welcome to DnDice, you absolute Hero.

It's time to get geared up for adventure! Of course, the first stop for one of those is quite often a 2+ hour shopping trip to whatever town your generous DM has mustered up. Well to save at least some time, DnDice has travelled the realm in search of dice and other delights to make sure your are fully equiped for the adventures ahead.

See DnDice at MCM Birmingham 23-24th March

Looking at some of our more expensive sets but worried about them not being perfect? We're at MCM Birmingham on the 23rd and 24th of March where we'll have a small stand full of dice like delights. So if you happen to be around, we'd love to see you :D

What folks have to say

  • "I've been playing D&D for a couple of years now so I've used dice from a few different sellers. I have to say that DnDice is, hands down, the highest quality set I've ever played with!"
    - Brushed Copper Metallic Dragon
  • "These dice are beautiful, with very vibrant colours, sharp and precise edges, and a satisfying weight to them."
    - Legendary Elder Dragon
  • "Love the yellow, the felt is nice, the studs are good, the whole thing feels good quality. Dulls the sound of my metal dice which is good - those things could dent the woodwork otherwise."
    - Folding DnDice Tray
  • "The owner of DnDice is handsome, charismatic and all around awesome"
    - ... that was me ... sorry....