The Spectacular Scroll of Rolling

Perfect for holding up to 2 full poly sets, when rolled out it can be fastened together to provide you a safe haven to roll natural 20’s, without the risk of your dice tumbling across the battlefield and destroying everyone's best-laid plans.

Crafted from high-quality vegan (PU) leather, they are easily rolled up and carried away towards your next adventure.


£19.95 £14.95

Leather Finish: Fire Mage Red

Fire Mage Red
Void Wizard Black
Necromancer Purple
Arcane Trickster Tan
Chromatic Dragon Scale
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Type: Dice Tray

Customer Reviews

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gillian c.
Another great item - dice roll

Lovely quality dice roll - leather look.

Really good piece of kit

The scroll of rolling are really good things to have for any dnd session, you can store 2 sets of dice or 3 at a push, but it rolls up to fit in any bag. And it's really good quality.

A perfect piece of kit

The picture can't do the colours of the chromatic dragon scales justice, the scroll really is a joy to behold. The pocket for dice is surprisingly spacious and it's extremely easy to roll, pick up and go. The buttery feel of the leather and the softness of the inner lining speak to the quality of the product, and to top it all off, no dragons or foolhardy adventurers were harmed in its making!

Kevin B.
First Order, Great Experience

Placed my first order with DnDice the other week.

The products are awesome, the Dice Tray and the Brilliant Silver dice are top notch. Two of my game pals said they were going to get some too.

Thanks Grady. It's been a pleasure and I'll definitely be back for more.

James M.
amazing leatherwork

Super happy with it, already rolled a 20 on it!