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Another day, another website! Well, not quite but finally the new website is all finished and ready to out into the world wide web. The old one served us well but I personally felt it was getting difficult to navigate and it was certainly a pain to update on my side. I do hope it's easy to use for everyone (if you do spot a mistake, do let me know!) but it's still got a fair bit of work to do on it such as product photo's, descriptions and some SEO magic.

I'm going to be doing three blogs on the new website, one that's going to be about  DnDice with news about products, conventions we are attending anything "business" related. Another about the trials and tribulations of running your own small business and what that entails (and give me a place to vent!). The final one will be about D&D! Huzzar! Not only am I a dice addict, I'm also a super geek and love nothing more than DMing. I'll be sharing my idea's and adventures along with anything else I concoct that I feel might be worth sharing. Hopefully it gives you all a better idea as to what DnDice is about as well as getting to know me a bit better. Worst case, no one reads it and I get to increase my typing speed over the course of a few months :D.

It's now 3am and after struggling to find the area where I can enter a blog post on the website, I am finally entering the last thing I need to update before the website is live! So just before I hit the save button, I wanted to thank every past, present and future customer of DnDice for getting me this far. Couldn't do it without you chaps!

- Grady


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