Player's Handbook, 2024 - Pre Order

Finally, after 10 years, the Players Handbook is getting an update! A must have for every budding adventurer and seasoned Game Master, this 2024 edition is bringing a bunch of subtle and revised changes to game we know and love. They've pulled all the rules from the previous books meaning that as a player, this is your one stop shop in terms of what literature you'll need going forward. Of course, we have the fancy 50th anniversary edition for sale, if that takes your fancy.

  • Class Updates with 12 base classes and 4 revised and expanded sub-classes for each.
  • Reworked backgrounds, species and 75 feats including background specific origin feats.
  • Weapon Mastery means those that prefer might over magic get extra ways to bash your foes!
  • Over 100 pages of spells, better laid out this time, including a bunch of new ones.
  • Much better walk through on making a character, perfect for new players.

Considering this is going to be a fresh start for a million campaigns around the globe, DnDice is putting out all the stops and offering you delightful folk a Nat 20 of a pre-order package if you decide to get the book with us. Not only are you going a free Dice Booster to roll a new character with, you'll also get a pack of player mini's and a laminated encounter map to go adventuring with.

Release Date, 17th of September. 

We'll also be selling the new Dungeon Masters Guide along side the Monster Manual, but we'll have those up for pre-order closer to the release date.

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Customer Reviews

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Etienne C.
Delightful customer service!

It was very personalized and sweet. Can't remember any issues, and it was all I'm good quality. The extra touches sealed the deal.

Grace M.
Brilliant Service

So glad I chose to buy my players handbook from DnDice! Great service that felt super personal. Will definitely be ordering from this shop again