The Sky's Fury in Auric Gold, Hollow

This set comes from The Forge, which we use to find out what sells well and let us try out some new things without having to order thousands of sets. As such, there is a chance that this is your only chance to get a set of these.

Far up, in the skies above the mortal realms, live the Dragons of the the Regal Court, known by those below as the Sky's Fury. It is these Dragons that judge the mortals below in a very black-and-white fashion. Steal a horse or slay the king, it's all the same to them. You do the crime, you do the time, you get incinerated in white-hot dragon fire.

Each set arrives as a full 7pcs poly set (1xD20s, 1xD12, 1xD%, 1xD10, 1xD8, 1xD6, 1xD4) and comes with our custom crafted and utterly luxurious Vegan Leather Dice Vault to give your dice a proper home! If you order before 1pm, we'll ship your set out the very same day with free postage on top, if you need it sooner or got a question then just drop us a message

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Paul K.
First class product

First time buyer, an absolute pleasure. No nktes

Eilidh W.

These dice feel lighter than air in my hands, making them a joy to roll. The detail on each face is superb, and they are so much easier to read than the pictures on here led me to believe.

Graham N.
Sometimes you just need dice with dragons on them

Really nice detailed set of dice. The dragons on the set I received are not exactly as the ones in the pictures but are equally detailed and good looking. The hollow dice are really light and nice to roll.

Sky Fury

I pre-ordered these for my birthday and luckily they came exactly on the day! They look a bit different to the picture, the colour is slightly different and the detailing is also a bit different. I think it's a great looking set and I will be buying from here again!

Martin W.
One of my favourite sets

One of my favourite hollow sets, though they are not 100% accurate to the photo displayed. These have more detail on the edges, almost like scales.