Laminated Encounter Maps, Road Ambush

Aggravated Ambush lets you and your PCs play highway robber, demanding that the toll be paid by innocent passing merchants and couriers.  

Containing 4x laminated A3 Encounter Maps which can combine together, in a modular fashion, to create the ultimate roadside ambush.  The reverse offers a much darker and more sinister night time version for when the players want to make use of their dark vision for once!

We've teamed up with the talented cartographers, at Maphammer, to bring you fully laminated, double-sided encounter maps, ready to be unfolded and put to use at a moment's notice with each map sitting on a 25mm/1" grid with a variant on the reverse. 

These maps come folded up to just under A4 size on laminated card stock, in a custom-designed map holder, allowing you to wipe both the party and any whiteboard pen marks you may have made along the way.
If you happen to be looking for maps to either print yourself or use on platforms such as Roll20 or Fantasy Grounds? Then the Digital Vault is you for.
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Customer Reviews

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Mark P.
Excellent Accessory

A very useful aid for encounters occurring in generic woodland and on random roads. It also saves the hassle of having to decide where each and every tree should be, especially as it does not generally matter.
Player: “Why did you get the “Aggravated Ambush” set?”
GM: “Oh, no reason …”