Shepherds' Tempest

Coming with the full poly set (a d20, d12, d10, d8, d6, d4 and a percentile die) and complete with a sturdy metal carry tin (with enough room for 2 full sets), this set is perfect for new players wanting to start in the world of RPGs or veteran players looking to expand their dice collection, as we all know you simply cannot have enough dice! 

You'll also get a random potion card that that is designed to cause fun and chaos when used in your RPG games. Also remember, each and every item comes with Free UK Delivery as standard! ​​
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Customer Reviews

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Samuel K.
Incredible Colours

This is a great set. The colours contrast perfectly and make each other POP!

Perfect set for me as a large threat in my homebrew world are the many rifts opening, their appearance? A purple and orange storm!

Very pleased with this purchase.

First time buying dice online

The dice came in these beautiful metal cases and there was also a chewy sweet included with the order.
I haven't used them yet as my recent campaign had just finished so now I just stare at them in delight.

Jess B.
Beautiful dice!

Lovely dice with really beautiful, vivid colours throughout. The little tin they're supplied in it also really nice quality!

Holly W.
Beautifully clear

These are amazingly clear with beautiful colours within. I can't complain about anything and also they arrived within three days.

Gorgeous Dice!

Beautiful clear resin with super pigmented orange and purple swirls. Very pretty and impressive in person - super shiny and good to roll.