Amber Radiant Dragon

This set comes in the 8 piece poly set needed for D&D and other RPG systems: a 2d20's for advantage, a d12, a d10, a d8, a d6, a d4, and a percentile die in a custom-crafted metal storage tin complete with heavy-duty protective foam to keep them safe when not battling evil!

Unlike regular dice, this metal set is die-cast in zinc allowing these solid metal polyhedral tumble across the table unnerved by anything crossing their path. It's also why we recommend getting a dice tray with them!

Lawful Good Alignment


Set Size: Standard 8 pcs

Standard 8 pcs
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Customer Reviews

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Laurie G.
Adding weight to your roll

I had started out with just 2 sets of acrylic dice when I was introduced to D&D, but after a friend let me try using their metal dice for a game I have never looked back. The weight of the metal right before you roll genuinely makes you feel like something epic is about to happen for your character and DnDice really deliver on that.

Just as the name suggests this radiant set glistens out of the box with a hint of sparkle within the amber colouring and is an excellent addition to the radiant range.

Cameron H.
Radiant Amber Dragon Dice

The dice were delivered promptly and they look fantastic.

Scott H.
Amber RADIANT dice

These dice come in a nice little foam padded carry case, 2 d20 and they look fantastic, also helps that they roll quite high too