Ardent Aggro

Coming with the full poly set (a d20, d12, d10, d8, d6, d4 and a percentile die) and complete with a sturdy metal carry tin (with enough room for 2 full sets), this set is perfect for new players wanting to start in the world of RPGs or veteran players looking to expand their dice collection, as we all know you simply cannot have enough dice! 

You'll also get a random potion card that that is designed to cause fun and chaos when used in your RPG games. Also remember, each and every item comes with Free UK Delivery as standard! ​​
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Perfect for a session of Call of Cthulhu

The color is simply perfect, kinda like they have been in heavy use and dirty...

Ross K.
Gurt Lush Math Rocks

These are.... strange. They have an odd texture matching the weathered look - they *feel* dirty and old as well as look it.
that's not a bad thing, mind - just an oddness when compared to more traditional mass cast shiny dice or the preponderant plethora of polyhedrals cooked up in people's homes these days.
As usual, super fast shipping, the tin is lovely, my daughter will like the lollypop, and the *only* downside is that the potion card is for 5e and i dont truck with that system so if theres any way to make them system-agnostic that's be grrrreat /Lumbergh

thanks and as ever, Roll Well
ps pls give Porridge a boop on the nose from me