Dragon Core, Mythic Dragon - Black Chaos

Limited time only we're throwing in a full level up, including an extra 2D6, 1D8, 1D10, and a leatherette dice vault for free.

This set comes in the 8 piece poly set needed for D&D and other RPG systems: a 2d20's for advantage, a d12, a d10, a d8, a d6, a d4, and a percentile die in a custom-crafted metal storage tin complete with heavy-duty protective foam to keep them safe when not battling evil!

Unlike regular dice, this metal set is die-cast in zinc allowing these solid metal polyhedral tumble across the table unnerved by anything crossing their path. It's also why we recommend getting a dice tray with them!

Townsfolk not heeding your advice? The local adventuring guild giving you lip? Perhaps it's time to stop with the charisma rolls and #GetEvil. These solid metal poly sets, designed by nefarious duergar smiths, are perfect for those darker games of Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, or any TTRPG where you want things to get spicy.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Gareth C.
Great store and service

The black chaos dragon dice are lovely and the extra d20 and d6 are great options. Lovely packaging and the kids shared the sweet.

sam r.

I knew these dice were going to look great from the pictures, but honestly upon receiving them I was so impressed they look so much better in person. I could not be happier.

Matthew S.
Best store ever!!!

Awesome dice set that came fast and with a lovely message. First proper dice set for me and I 100% recommend these!!

Martin W.
Lovely dice

These are my favourite of the chaos dice hands down!

Theydon B.
Extremely Happy

Absolutely loved them. Really weighty, and the jewelled vein running through them really makes them pop.