Laminated Encounter Maps, DM Encounters

Need to send your players on an emergency excursion? What you need is an Enticing Encounter!

Containing 6x laminated A3 Encounter Maps, each something different and enticing gives you an exceptionally handy weapon in your DM kit. You'll get to take your players onward to a Bridge Ambush, a Fighting Pit, a Mystical Grove, a deathly Graveyard, a Forgotten and run-down Ruin, and finally to the Beach where they'll enjoy a shipwreck and coming to grips with how Tom Hanks felt in castaway (and, no doubt, naming the nearest football-shaped item Wilson)

We've teamed up with the talented cartographers, at Maphammer, to bring you fully laminated, double-sided encounter maps, ready to be unfolded and put to use at a moment's notice with each map sitting on a 25mm/1" grid with a variant on the reverse. 

These maps come folded up to just under A4 size on laminated card stock, in a custom-designed map holder, allowing you to wipe both the party and any whiteboard pen marks you may have made along the way. 

If you happen to be looking for maps to either print yourself or use on platforms such as Roll20 or Fantasy Grounds? Then the Digital Vault is you for.
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Customer Reviews

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Christopher L.
Good stuff

Really high quality maps! Lovely images, although the darker variant of each map is a little too dark on one or two. Felt a little bit small for a party of four and an NPC and enemy to fit on, but I just bought them as emergency maps for when I can’t be bothered making one. I’ll keep coming back to DnDice though, as the service is great, and the dice are beautiful. Can’t stop collecting them!

Hey Chris,

Big thanks for the review on these, we'll take your feedback and upgrade for the next batch of maps we do :)

- Grady