Gobbo Snot

Coming with the full poly set (a d20, d12, d10, d8, d6, d4 and a percentile die) and complete with a sturdy metal carry tin (with enough room for 2 full sets), this set is perfect for new players wanting to start in the world of RPGs or veteran players looking to expand their dice collection, as we all know you simply cannot have enough dice! 

You'll also get a random potion card that that is designed to cause fun and chaos when used in your RPG games. Also remember, each and every item comes with Free UK Delivery as standard! ​​
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Customer Reviews

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Jonathan W.
Fantastic Service and awesome Dice

The dice I ordered are excellent and a nice tin to store them in, with a surprise packet of sweets too - would highly recommend you get your dice at DnDice, they are great!

Great gift :)

When I first got my sister into D&D, she didn't have any dice. Last Christmas, I bought her and my other player a set of dice each. These were utterly perfect. My sister is always one to go to the "gross" jokes in game, and she loved the colour of these before even discovering what they were called. When I bought it also came with a wonderfully creative potion card (this was a year ago so I'm not sure if that still happens) and it was brilliant. It's not the only set of dice my sister has anymore, but it's her favourite.
Thanks :)

Christoph W.
Snotty without the slime

The acrylic dice have a nice rounded feel to them.

The colors are nice, yellow and green. Until you think of the name: gobbo snot! Eek. Disgusting. Why would you do thst, Grady?

I had to order another set because my nephew liked them. and kept them. I can't wait to play my goblin rogue again with these dice.