Tamarand, 24k Gold Plated

Reforged, now reaching the peak of their power, this Grand Wyrm is back more resplendent than ever in a stunning 12pcs fully Level Up-Graded dice set featuring glorious 24k gold plating. You'll also get a special edition vegan leather dice vault to go with it, designed to show off the set's full beauty and keep things nice and secure when not in use.

Plated in a resplendently glorious 24k gold, this Dragon God and the King of Justice come fully leveled up and feature 2 D20s, 1 D12, 1 D%, 2 D10, 2 D8, 3D6, and 1D4 complete in a vegan leather bookcase dice vault designed to fully show off the sets full beauty.

The numbers on these dice have deliberately been left without ink, as we feel if you are paying for gold dice, you want the entire thing to be glorious and golden!

You're also getting free recorded delivery on this incredible-looking set to make sure it reaches you safe and sound. Order before 13:00 and we'll get it in the post that very day.
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Customer Reviews

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Scammer - do not trust this seller !!!!!!!

Package never got shipped and he the seller ghosted me when I reached out to inquire further about when the package would arrive

My regular gaming set.

I'm a bit of a Dice Dragon. I purchased my first set of Gold Dragons back in March 2018 after several sets of semi-precious stone dice and they have been my regular gaming set ever since. While they haven't gotten much use during the pandemic, between 2018 and 2020 they saw the inside of my padded dice tray at least once a week, sometimes as much as 4 times a week, every week. They have kept their plate pretty well over that time, despite the fact that they came with damaged hardening coating, which makes them appear chipped and blemished, but this happened in the first month of ownership - Grady sent me a replacement set, which have sat in my safe most of the time since. Since then they have not deteriorated further, despite the amount of use they have endured.

The best decision I ever made with these dice was to buy a small pot of Humbrol black enamel paint and fill in the numbers - as much as it pained me to do it - because while the dice were lovely and shiny (at least at first, before the hardener problem), they were quite hard to read. With the black paint, they're amazing. I do suspect however, that there is a common problem with the hardener making the golden plate dim over time, as the second set have never been rolled, but I picked up another golden d20 and d6 with a promotion in November 2020 and the gold on the new dice is noticeably cleaner, they will probably match eventually. Knowing this, I would still have purchased them, and would encourage anyone else to do the same.

Nathan H.
Honest review

This set of gold plated dice are shiny, pretty, and roll well. Based on my time using them I can happily say they are well balanced.

When I first got these dice there was a blemish on one or two of them, this was resolved quickly after I contacted Grady.