Silver Clockwork Dragon

This set comes in the 8 piece poly set needed for D&D and other RPG systems: a 2d20's for advantage, a d12, a d10, a d8, a d6, a d4, and a percentile die in a custom-crafted metal storage tin complete with heavy-duty protective foam to keep them safe when not battling evil!

Unlike regular dice, this metal set is die-cast in zinc allowing these solid metal polyhedral tumble across the table unnerved by anything crossing their path. It's also why we recommend getting a dice tray with them!

Crafted by the famous smiths of the Mythril Halls, these dwarven-made clockwork dragons are forged from precious metals mined deep below the ground and crafted into giant mechanical beasts used to defend the dwarven halls from the denizens of the under-dark. At least that's what our DM told us!

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Set Size: Standard 8 pcs

Standard 8 pcs
Level Up-Grade with extra 3D6
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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
James T.
Great dice, great service

A metal set of dice that were for a gift. They were lovely. Now looking to get myself a set.

Laurie G.
They function as well as...well...clockwork!

Ok, terrible pun, but want isn't terrible is this dice set! This was the first dice set I ever received from DnDice and was a gift from my siblings. They are perfectly balanced, have great weight, and proved to my wife that I needed a dice tray to avoid making marks on the wooden table! They are my go to dice as a DM and are the favourite in my collection. Though I wasn't delivered to from DnDice directly, my siblings reported a speedy shipping and I can confirm that the website images of these dice are spot on!

What else is there to say? Other than get a set!