Silver Rune-Bound Dragon

This set comes as a fully leveled up 12-piece poly set needed for D&D and other RPG systems: a 2d20's for advantage, a d12, 2d10, 2d8, 3d6, a d4, and a percentile die in a custom-crafted vegan leather dice vault with a 3D printed dice insert to keep them safe when not battling evil!
Unlike regular dice, this metal set is die-cast in zinc allowing these solid metal polyhedral tumble across the table unnerved by anything crossing their path. It's also why recommend getting a dice tray with them!
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Customer Reviews

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Nathan P.
Pretty heavy. That's pretty *and* heavy.

The weight of rolling these feels great and they catch the light beautifully when you go to check your latest roll.

David W.
Excellent dice

The dice are immaculate, have a lovely weight, and defo didn't nearly kill my players on their first outing haha! Superb!

Great dice, great price and service

I have ordered three sets of dice in total over the past year. Two sets of metal and one set rainbow glass. They arrived safely and well packaged and the customer service is great. They even threw in a complimentary dice tray due to the size of my order! Really happy with the service. Thank you

Martin W.
Will be ordering again

Brilliant little dice set, arrived nice and promptly. Think this is my third order from here and all the dice sets have been wonderful.

Secret Santa The D20 Juggling Machine!

So I bought these for a pal for secret Santa, he squealed like a girl when he opened them and proceeded to brutally abuse the tables at work rolling them.
These are awesome looking, easy to read, clean and sharp dice.
They are also heavy boys so get a dice tray!!!

Well worth it and well recieved!

(The steel tin he got was waaaay cooler than the one I got with my black chaos dice)