The Fantastic Folding Dice Tray, The Gay Tray

Our Pride trays are here! Our discord voted which ones to start with so we welcome in the Ace and Trans trays, joining our original Gay tray, to make sure your look as fabulous as possible at the gaming table.

Featuring a superior, textured, and reversible, vegan leather underbelly and a luxuriously smooth vinyl rolling surface, this tray provides more than enough room for even the chonkiest of dice, giving that soft and secure place to tumble away into natural '20s. The newly improved vertical sides also offer more rolling real estate, whilst taking up less table space. Utter magic. 

Once the battle is over, it collapses down to just under the size of an A4 page so that it can be stowed away next to your RPG sourcebooks, or into the box of a board game until your next adventure. 

We also donate 10% of profits on the sale of each dice tray goes towards Stonewall, to help LGBTQ+ people around the globe.

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Type: Dice Tray

Customer Reviews

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Best dice tray ever!!

Honestly didn't know what to expect as I'm terrible for just buying things off amazon but I went out of my way to see what was about, tray wise, as my other was too small. I'm beyond happy with this tray, it is easily the best tray ever, the colours are fantastic and really pop and it feels like premium material. I'm in love with it and can't wait for future adventures with it! Looking to buy some dice from here too when I get chance! Also immensely impressed with how personal you guys are! Fantastic, thank you! Please give Porridge a pat from me, thanks again!

Fantastic Quality, Looks Beautiful!

I bought the Asexual Tray recently, because I'm both ace and thought the design was fantastic! As someone who usually avoids dice mats and trays because they like to roll directly onto the table, I think I may end up permanently using this tray. It's expertly crafted, easy to click together, and feels great to roll on! The material is so much better than expected (it isn't cheap felt or anything, it's sturdy and solid), and the little "DnDice" embossing in the center really brings the whole thing together.

The only sort of complaint I have is it's a bit smaller than I expected it to be. It's not tiny by any means, you can roll more than fine with it. If anything it's size is perfect to fit in a one-person playspace if you have a big group. However, it may be worthwhile for the images presented to give a better sense of scale.

Overall it really is a five star product. No complaints from me! Just wish y'all sold matching dice haha!

Steph E.
Amazing quality

The material was amazing quality and they look amazing, only issue we had was that the post office didn't deliver it as there "wasn't enough postage" other than that, love it!