Steam Funk in Embered Copper, Solid Metal RPG Set

This set comes from The Forge, which we use to find out what sells well and let us try out some new things without having to order thousands of sets. As such, there is a chance that this is your only chance to get a set of these.

Each set arrives as a full 7pcs poly set (1xD20s, 1xD12, 1xD%, 1xD10, 1xD8, 1xD6, 1xD4) and comes with our custom crafted and utterly luxurious Vegan Leather Dice Vault to give your dice a proper home! If you order before 1pm, we'll ship your set out the very same day with free postage on top, if you need it sooner or got a question then just drop us a message

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Customer Reviews

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Graham N.
Good looking dice that feel even better to roll.

These dice are beautiful and have a really nice weight in your hand. The colour changing mood stone effect works really well. In moments of hight drama the chonker really is a great addition to the set.

Beautiful dice to put the fear into my players

Just fantastic. Excellent craftsmanship make these dice a pleasure to roll with. They look wonderful. For the BBEG rolls - out comes the Chonker. To watch my players quake with fear as it unstoppably rolls towards their doom is a special treat. A note on the service as well, arrived the day after ordering in perfect condition. Thank you.

Stunning and murderous

Really sensitive and change colour easily. The "cool" colour is awesome (black + gold glitter) but rapidly changes through some gorgeous oranges, greens, purples and blues. easily and quickly changes colour in your hand (except when your are on camera and trying to show someone how cool the dice are...)
C H O N K E R is well worth it, beautiful and makes a lovely thud to scare your players with.
Don't underestimate the normal D20 though. It tries to compete with the fear of the CHONKER by teaming up with the other dice to try to murder your players (nat 20s abound! Then of course rolling the d6 4X for damage on a level 3 party you'll get many 6s and nothing below 4). brutal.

Just stunning

Difficult to use any other word than that! Change colour brilliantly just with the heat of your hand. Wish I got it with the "Chonker", will have to wait till they go on sale separately!